September 22, 2009

Happy Fall

Can't believe it's here already! Living in AZ, you NEVER think the cooler weather will grace us w/it's presence. Ha! I spoke too soon! Unless you live up north where it's visible the leaves are changing & you can drive & see the beautiful colors of fall... Yep, this is as far as it goes:

LOL! This was in the grocery store too! Notice the green stickers! =) It gets a tiny bit cooler when the sun goes down. The girls were chilly at practice tonite! I couldn't believe that one! Soon enough, I can graduate to wearing capris. ha! I cannot stand wearing pants! It's too hot! Until then, shorts for me. In a few weeks, for Halloween, maybe it'll be cooler this year? I want to take the girls to a pumpkin patch in our FREE time. Ya think?! I am so not ready for the holidays! I need to catch up w/stuff before ALL that happens!

Have a great Fall! xo