June 27, 2009

YUM! =)

Paradise Bakery & Cafe'. That's it. Thee End.

Ha! We, as in our family & Gramma, ate here between games today. YUM-MEE!! First time for all of us. Wow. Can I just have one of ALL the desserts too!? We lucked out bcuz the manager saw we were 'slow' to which way the flow went & he was glad to help! Also the menu did confuse us (me & Graciella) on one little thing! Oops! So, although it was ME that made the mistake, he came over & gave us this carrier box (similar to the one for Munchkins) FILLED with these huge cookies! Girls were happy! And that box was heavy! The girls can't wait to go back! The MANGO ice tea - YUM! I had to finish w/the Peach ice tea bcuz the other was brewing away! But that was good too! I'm happy I saved a bunch of cash today & lastnite bcuz $65 later, we were well on our way!

Don't know if they're ALL over but here's the link: Paradise Bakery & Cafe

** The one thing I saw that looked good was the bread bowl w/soup! I can guarantee it's NOT as good or even CLOSE to the ones Carlos & I have had in SanFran when we lived there. We would go to the Wharf & eat at the place that the bread & clam chowder were made FRESH! They would cut the top off, just dig the hole in this huge bread & fill it up w/the soup & place the top of the bread back as a lid! YUMMMM!!! That was the BEST EVAH--!! =) We would take it outside, sit & freeze, and ENJOY the hell outta our meal!!

(anyone ever had?!)

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