June 27, 2009

Saved Moola!!

Does anyone do Coupon $ense?! I did yesterday & today! =)

Spent $ 66.93
SAVED $ 56.38 (1st trip)

Spent $ 106.87
SAVED $ 114.38 (2nd trip)

Spent $ 80.84
SAVED $ 107.07

Whoo hoo!! Here's the link: Coupon $ense if you want to check it out & sign up!

I just finished making room to put everything away! Kids are happy too! Lots of choices now. That's the one good thing about using this. That bcuz of the coupons, you buy stuff different from the 'everyday usual' stuff. =)

My next trip, my goal is to SAVE 75% plus!! You have to really STICK to your shopping list! PLUS get the best deals!!

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