June 25, 2009


Wow. Still cannot believe it! I love Michael! I saw him & his brothers in concert for the Victory Tour back WAY--- long ago! I was screaming (& tears rolled!) !! Shh! I went with my sister ~ Rose & her fiance'. Her & I sang every song & danced & screamed some more!! I still LOVE his music. Too bad, his life & career were cut short. He's gone now & will live on forever. These people WILL NOT LEAVE HIM ALONE!! Enough already people! I know, that's how they make money off of him but let us all remember him for the person we ALL knew him as... the Pop Icon, Singer, Dancer, Legend... not the horrible person some make him out to be. Sure, celebrities with that level of fame have to have some sort of troubles, anxieties, insecurities, a feeling perhaps they cannot be harmed, nor have the problems as us normal, everyday people. ??? Leave well enough alone. His time here is done. Just let his spirit rest. I'm sure he needs it. Now in the weeks & months to come, many people, TV stations will have their best at him. See this special report. Or see this special of his life, his children... It won't stop. Just let him & his family have peace...

God Bless MJJ & his family. xoxo

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