June 25, 2009

All Good Things Come to an End

(NOT every time though!) Today was the last day for swim w/Miss Mindy. Antonia had to make it complete by hitting her head just before we left. Yep, she tried her triple back flip just off the side & slam! Just kidding! Just a little front flip & when she came up, she bonked it on the side. No blood just a tiny scratch on her scalp. =)

This year was a refresher course for Antonia & Graciella, with them honing in on those diving & stroke skills! They did a great job! Leleanna turned into a fish! She could swim last year but this time around, she could swim on top of the water, dive, do her cannonballs - once again!!, flips... she loved it!!

Antonia, Miss Mindy, Lele & Graciella

Lele & her diving skills!

Lele - "Monkey...Star...Soldier..."

Antonia - The Fearless One

Antonia in the top lane & Graciella in the bottom lane. Who will it be!? It was a close race with Graciella winning it by inches!!

Lele - I love this one! xo

Antonia, Lele, Miss Mindy, her daughter - Dami & Graciella

We love you Miss Mindy! Until next year... MWAH---!! xoxo

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