April 18, 2009

Real Quick...

Just wanted to say hi! Super busy this week, as always. In the am, Antonia has an 8am game. I have to teach a class at 930am. After, I'll come home, get the girls all packed & off to their big sister's house in Tucson! They're so excited. I told Graciella take lots of pix. (her & Antonia got a digital camera from Santa! Antonia told me she's taking lots of pictures to scrap when she gets back! She's only 7. =) Graciella asked me if there's really bears & snakes on the hiking trails bcuz Antonia told her that's what they'll see. Oops. hee-hee. THEN... drive all the way back to Chandler for mommy & daddy time. ??? What is this I ask?! It's been a real long time for just 'us' time. I'm looking forward to it! (We should of thought to drop off boys too! They get in the same amount of trouble as the girls! For those of you who don't know our boys - they're our two Shelties! =)

Have a great, relaxing wkend!

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