May 17, 2008


What's that?! Half the time I don't know what day of the wk it is! I always HAVE to check the calendar from day to day bcuz we have something happening ON each day! I keep telling Carlos "Did you check the calendar?" "Did you write it on the calendar?" If it doesn't get written down on the calendar, it ain't happening! Sad, huh?! It's true though.

Yesterday, I felt so horrible that after I dropped the girls off at school, I came home & layed on the couch till I had to leave. Lele went to dance & she had to leave class early bcuz she had a dentist appt. She had a cleaning, check up & xrays. Afterwards, it was back home & back on the couch. The baby fell asleep on the way home, so she went right in her bed. Me? I went on the couch, again, for about an hr. Until... the dogs were barking & I heard this loud truck p/u the bulk load that Carlos had scheduled. I panicked bcuz I thought I was late to p/u the girls for school. I looked at the clock & it was 2:20. I thought Carlos was sleeping & hurried up to leave, only to finally wake up & remember that he was working during the day! I couldn't believe that I could of left Lele at the house sleeping! I grabbed my baby & left. I p/u all the girls & came home to the couch. I felt horrible. It was my stomach since I woke up at 5:30am. I ate a choc. pudding (instead of the usual - choc/van/choc) bcuz I was hungry like NOW. After that, I went down hill quick! Ruined my day. I even went to bed early. 10ish, I think. Eating the pudding that early was NOT the problem. I can bet it was the choc. one, I choose. (the other kind was gone!) My temp even got high as 102.7! Fun stuff, I tell ya! Carrie came by for a quick visit. It was good to see her for a few. Carlos got Port of Subs for dinner. Yum! I ate 1/2 of everything & retired to the couch again.
**TODAY was a new day. Normal wake up time 5:30am. This am, woke at 5:25. 5 more mins! Never heard the alarm. I woke up at 7:09! I got the girls up & all was ready to go on time, still! Except, the girls left lunches on the counter. Marvelous! Got back home, got Lele & I ready to take Hugo to the vet. Gave the puppy Benadryl (for reaction to shots), dropped off lunches at school, watched as 5 women wooed over Hugo & he WAS lovin' it! And off to the vet. Hugo weighed in at 16.3 lbs. He gained 3 lbs in 3 wks. He's the biggest baby like Harley. He HAS to sit in my lap in the car. I know, not safe. But what are you going to do? Lock him in the trunk? Or in our case, put him behind the 3rd row of seats & watch him claw himself to the front? Fun... Not. Got home, did some stuff & watched Lost w/Carlos. He went to get girls & I was off to get my nails filled! By myself. Uno. One. Alone. THIS is rare. When this does happen, first thing everyone asks, "where are your girls?" Even at Costco. Sad? Funnier I think! Let's see, then I was off to sit in the drive-thru line at the bank. I spoke to Rose for a min then had to go. Spoke to Jeannie, she was at my house, p/u her girls. I told her "now I know what it's like to talk to me when I'm home w/all the girls! It sounds like a party!" We agreed we'd go to the Luau together. I so-- wanted to skip this one! But I'm glad we went. The girls had fun going on the water slides, dancing, meeting up w/friends & eating! We ate first, they would of skipped that part though. Afterwards, they had a video set up that lasted 24 mins w/all pix of all the kids of Shumway. It was set to music & our girls were in it throughout! I went to order one through Shelly & I was No. 1 ! (Yes, I am lady! Ha!) Daddy came at the beginning of the video & surprised us all. He got an early break. The girls were excited to see him. We left together but he went back to work & we went home to baths. The girls were in bed by 9 & me, still up! Carlos came home early again & was gone at the store & came home w/a new Wii game & 2 steering wheels.

I like this one! It doesn't make me sick! The tracks are cool too. The girls are gonna LOVE this in the am when they see it! Too bad, they can't stay & play! Momma's gotta go to a class & they're off to Joy's! Thx daddy! xo

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