May 22, 2008

Rain, Rain...go away

What a gloomy day! 57 degrees out & raining...Fun! Girls had water day at school. Cancelled. I can't believe it cooled off that much! Feels good though! Been super busy as usual. Sign ups for Graciella w/Legacy was lastnite. She gets it all; the shorts, socks, both jerseys, sweats & embroidered bag w/number & name. Practice starts soon & soccer camp too. PreK starts at the same time.

Last wkend, Joy had the girls over while I was at my serger class. That worked! Carlos got to sleep straight through. We went to mass in the afternoon w/gramma & Carrie. Monday - Carlos took the girls to dance. I so didn't want to deal w/G's dance teacher. Turns out the owner gal finished her dance like that! She's a happy camper now & if she's happy, mommy's happy!! Daddy took the girls to buy Graciella a new bike. She's getting tall & out grew her last one, that quick!

Electra Rat Rod

New bike!

I'm still having pains just like I did before my surgery. Went to the dr, all is good & he told me to call this general surgeon. Called them & they told me they don't need to see me. This back & forth stuff, I hate it! I'm in pain people! Graciella went to her eye dr appt same day. Scary actually bcuz he said she has a light spot on her retina. ?? Enough w/that. I don't want to get all worried again until she sees the specialist (& that's soon!)

This am was the girls' ceremonies at school. Awards for attendence, straight A's, best 1st & 4th grd classes for PE, & Reading. Antonia had brought cupcakes in for her summer bday today too. I thought that was nice of Mrs. Mangieri to celebrate those little one's bdays too. Then it was off to Lele's dance class. (after cruising the scrap store a few doors down!) This weather really zaps your energy. This is perfect weather for curling up on the couch & watching a movie! Not for me though! Had to make a CVS run w/gramma & the girls.

Carlos had finished making two rosaries for an order. Check them out! He also got orders for his 'man' bracelet. A woman is purchasing one for herself, too, that he will make smaller in diameter (not as chunky). His is in bronze but I think he's making some in silver. If you see anything you like (or don't see!) Please leave a comment! Carlos will get back to you, just leave your email add. Thx! (Click on pix to see bigger)

Rosary for child

Carlos' man bracelet

Just got a call from Marci & she's locked out of her car. Called Bill & he's goin to go w/me to help her in this rain! What a good guy... Got back & it wasn't nothing a wire hanger couldn't fix! Thx Bill!

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