October 24, 2014

This girl

My gorgeous, funny, club soccer playing teen needs your prayers. I say many prayers each day & night and they can only get her so far. I'm hoping w/others praying for her too, they will be heard and help her heal and overcome all that is hindering her.

This is Graciella.

This photo is from this July, right after we spent almost 3 hours on the Salt River, tubing. Yes, my girl took her braid out & posed by our stack of tubes just as mom asked. This has to be one of my favorite shots of her to date! She is gorgeous with zero makeup & river hair and BOOM! Yes I'm proud to say, she is mine. =) I also wanted to post this on Instagram w/hopes the "right" people would see her & want to sign her to model for teen clothing, sports clothing/workout gear, hair products... the list goes on! I just couldn't do it but here she is on my blog. lol

Without going into her health history & present issues, she can use all the prayers she can get. Honestly. Her schooling had suffered and because of all the sickness, she may not return to normal high school this year & play Varsity HS soccer for the third year in a row. This alone will break her heart. It breaks mine everyday when she tells me how she feels or that she's feeling sick, etc. I don't want to add more meds to her regimen either. In the past, stress got the best of me and literally, I went through hell. Many prayers got me through it and granted me a miracle. No exaggeration. So with that said, I know in my heart, that prayers do work & change lives just like that.

** I kept putting off publishing this post since the summer. The main reason I guess was this photo. My beautiful girl. This is her every day. She's 16 and we can honestly say, she's a good girl. She deserves the best life has to offer her and we would love nothing more than her to feel 'normal' again. 

I'd like to thank you all in advance for adding my girl to your daily prayers. We do appreciate it & if I could give you each a big fat huge hug IRL, I would. Many thanks.

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