June 20, 2014

Teens & Anxiety

Hello again! Okay, so we have four girls and they are so very different. Yes that is expected but still as a parent, you wonder why so different? Even with the day to day happenings, pressures and the way they handle all of it! 

Have you heard of Bethany Mota? Huge on YouTube, gorgeous girl setting trends all over the world. Super cute, bubbly & positive too! And she has a personal story why she started her videos too! 

Another girl I just stumbled upon this morning was Zoella (she's 22), also on YouTube. Same idea as Bethany & from London. The reason for my posting this was because of a video by Zoe: Anxiety Q&A w/Zoella. 

Our teen has had maybe anxiety issues in the past or breathing issues when she's flustered? It started almost two years ago. I noticed it when she had gotten in trouble, not huge either just needed talking to right then on the way to school, which is a 3 minute car ride. Right away her breathing changed and it seemed like she couldn't catch her breath or she seemed to be breathing from her chest (her chest was visibly puffing up & down. Sort of hard to explain.) It kept happening and after a dr appt w/the "breathing dr" (he worked w/singers & many teens too he said) and many breathing exercises, it all seemed to calm down. He taught her how to access the situation and how to apply breathing exercises to calm herself down. I'm so glad we had made appts w/him too because if not, I know her condition would of gotten worse. 

I know our teens right now, compared to when I was a teen... face so many more issues, peer pressure, making the right decisions, etc. They do have so much pressure on them, even though we as parents might not think so or we may just not want to think about it or just simply not "go there". I do encourage trying to talk to your kids, teens and all ages and be close w/them. So many kids come home from school and do not share their day at all. Mine are the opposite and I'm grateful for this. I had it like this when I grew up. I was always close to my mom and told her everything. It's such a scary world for our teens these days. Times are so different.

And this brings me to these two girls: Bethany & Zoe. I'm sure there are many more teens on YouTube or the internet making a different for our teens these days too. Bethany: I have seen her videos and heard the news that she'll be here & there, always positive thoughts w/her. Zoe shared this video that I think many teens can relate too even though we, as parents, may not want to admit or even realize that our teens feel this way. 

I just wanted to share my findings w/you moms & dads and maybe you can share these two girls w/your teens. 

Have a wonderful day!

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