January 29, 2014

Happy Birthday

The years are flying by! Why is that?! No joke! When your kids tell you time goes by so quick, something is wrong! Today was a good day but w/our youngest not feeling well, home from school. =/ Our teen gets out early & we took our tween out early to take ME to Ikea! Yep my choice people. ha! I knew what I wanted & in turquoise (although it looks greenish in the photo)! This has been on my wish list for-ever! So we bought my gift, some yummy Ikea cookies and a pkg of cinnamon rolls and we were outta there! My teen had her last soccer game of the high school season then straight to a good friends' house for cake & ice cream! She is too sweet. Her girl even played Happy Birthday on the piano as they sang! Thank you Haley!

Happy day to me! (Can I turn 39 again?!) ha! NOW I totally get why my mom at 82, still says she's turning 39. She has been saying this since I can remember!

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