November 30, 2013

Here comes trouble!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas---! (did you sing that line?!)  Yes! We broke out the Christmas boxes from storage the day AFTER Turkey Day! I hope you all enjoyed your day! We had all the food and a quiet / sort of day. It was just us this year and not that quiet! ha! My girls & I were hysterical laughing which is always good. The 81st Macy's Parade had to be DVR'd to watch later because cooking, girls sleeping in, etc. I love that parade & being from Jersey, it means that much more! Oh yeah and that whole Black Friday deal? Not. It gets so crazy, have you seen the news? Yikes! So happy I missed it.

We're adding ornaments today! Yes Renegade Run & soccer photos come first!

Yes they are BACK! Frosty & Brooklyn. Our Elves on the Shelf. They start causing trouble the day after Thanksgiving. Wish us luck!

A tiny note had said: bake cookies!

These two are super cute! Do you have elves that visit during the holidays?
Have a good day!

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