October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Trick or Treat! Halloween came up on us super quick & was gone in a flash! I did happen to catch my girls in costume though! They had a busy week dressing up for parties, school, soccer practice & Halloween night. My husband & his team went trick-or-treating together and the same goes for my 12 y/o and her team. The girls had a blast! Even my teen went w/a few of her friends & her sister's team. Afterwards, we all met up at a teammate's house for some food, to chat & relax! We brought our two Shelties along & they did great! By the time we got home, we all were exhausted. So much walking and all three girls had games the next day!

Here's a look at our Black Swan, our Fairy & 80's workout queen:

My super cute nerd & referee

Did you join in on the fun?
 I wanted to but ran out of time to do the makeup! Boo. I will definitely schedule myself & hubby earlier in the day for this in 2014!
Have a good day!

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