September 30, 2013

Homecoming 2013

Yes it's that time again! It's so different from when I went to high school! My teen went with her friends over the weekend. We had a super busy one too! She agreed to a mini photo shoot with me the day before. Yes and thank you! After running around to different locations, a football game, dropping boys (our Shelties) off at sitter, a soccer game an hour away and taking Graciella to her friends with her dress... I was finally on my way to Tucson (almost 2 hrs away!) solo. Our two younger girls had a soccer tournament all weekend! 

Here are some shots of my beautiful girl. Oh and just in case any one was interested in her having her  model clothes or accessories for your company?? Please send me an email. *wink*wink She has legs for days! And gorgeous thick hair! Just sayin'. =)

I absolutely LOVE this last photo! This reminds me of a magazine ad perhaps for the dress?!!

Hope your weekend was a great one!

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