August 4, 2013

Mi Familia

Sorry for all the time that has passed! Chalk it up to me overdoing it every day then me passing out as soon as I sit on the couch! oops! Need to remember to take it easy & not try and do 5 loads of laundry before 12 noon and clean the house in between! Or drive all over: school, stores & school shopping! Oh yeah, add our Shelties to that mix!

Back to my post... these pretty girls are cousins! My cousin and his family are visiting this weekend from Vegas. Love them! Happy Birthday to Sofia! My girls baked cupcakes from scratch, decorated, homemade gifts & cards too! We went to dinner at Grimaldi's & I must say the pizza and salad were yummy! Michael and Yaneth have the cutest family complete w/their one y/o twins. Thanks so much for everything this weekend and for having my girls! See you all in a month! (yes Vegas is on the map again thanks to Graciella's soccer tournament schedule)

Hope you all have a great week ahead of you!

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