June 5, 2013

Happy Mail

I've been a little lucky lately & this makes me a happy camper! I won both prizes on Instagram too! The first is by Unity Stamp Co. In love with all Angela's stamps. You will too! Here are the ones I had picked out:

Super cute right? I'm not sure which is my absolute fave... thinking the lightbulb, with a very close second, the map w/grid. ha!
Thanks again Angela!

Onto my second prize & it's filled w/Heidi Swapp goodies!

These goodies are from Anna's Beachside Scrapbooking I have been a long time fan of Heidi Swapp too! My daughter & I have taken a few classes that she taught years ago at a lss. Still love her style & products! Be sure to follow Anna on Instagram: @annaljanise
Thanks so much Anna! 

I do appreciate my prizes ladies! My 11 y/o gets mad every time I tell her I win too! lol But mama DOES share! We also share a craft room! Mom isn't so bad at all! ;) *right at the moment, she is crafting away w/a friend in here w/me!

Happy Friday!

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Anna Janise said...

thank you so much Calle, for posting this.