March 18, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

We're back! My girls & I drove to Vegas Thursday & returned back home Monday. We stayed w/my cousin & his family. Total kids were: 5 girls & 2 baby boys. My teen had a soccer tournament but could not even play. She had a concussion at the beginning of the week & was cleared to play the Monday we got back in town. Boo to that noise! She was beyond upset & I was too but bottom line... we were happy that the dr made that call because things could of been worse. She went to all the games and cheered her team on. The plus side of things, we FINALLY made it to Vegas to visit my cousin & had time to sight see too!

Breakfast Dinners Desserts & yummy tea! oh my!

1. on the way to LV 2. Hoover Dam 3. sky lights 4. my cousin's beautiful wife & the best most gracious host ever! love her! 5. love cherry blossoms! 6. 2-story Forever 21 7. posing w/gondola woman! not sure who she was! lol 8. New York New York

M&M store. Water show at the Bellagio. View from water show/across from Bellagio. The golden Mandalay Bay. So pretty IRL!

This has to be my fave photo of all! We lucked out w/the nice guy who took ten of my girls & I. The tears were well on their way too bcuz I am never in the photos w/my girls. And every single one of them turned out great!! You better believe I gave this guy one big fat hug! He made my day!!

And finally a HUGE thank you to my cousin & his family for having us girls stay w/them. Long overdue I know Michael. We loved seeing you all! xoxo

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Diana Waite said...

looks like a FUN time to bad Ms. G, didn't get to play!