November 6, 2012

Happy Fall

Fall Tree near the Little Greenbrier School

Hello again friends. Oh how I've missed blog-land. Am I alone here? Same time each year (no joke!) I seem to get sick. I'll be praying again for next year that I make it through the season! It'll be three weeks now w/pneumonia and this crackling deal in my chest. Very strange & not fun. My energy was zapped most of the time. I'm feeling better these days & I have energy! This is good.

So much has been happening around here! I've tried writing a post weeks ago w/zero luck. I've had Blogger issues that have not improved. Have any of you? If so, please share! I've been toying w/the idea to make the switch to WordPress too. I hope to do this before the year's up. So please be patient if you see strange things happening to my blog! Wish me luck!


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