August 30, 2012

Under Construction

I feel this title sums up my life right now. 
So many things can contribute to this:

room addition is in progress
taking care of Gramma
stress is affecting my health
club soccer is in full swing
3 girls in 2 different schools
1 girl is high school freshman 
12,000 plus emails
blog & makeover
want/need shop to re-open
dr appts for family
cooking dinner every night

I shall end it there. lol My escape? Reading. I love to read. The only time I can is when I eat (5-15 mins here & there) or while waiting for girls after school or maybe a dr appt. Even at half at a soccer game! This works for me. The scariest thing for me is it's been a year since my family went through hell. I was sick last year & it took a serious toll on everyone. Please if you can keep me in your prayers from day to day and if you need me to do same for you? Consider it done. I can use all the prayers I can get. I try to 'breathe' each day, it's not working. It's constant all day until I hit the bed w/exhaustion. This is crazy. 

What happened to easy breezy days like when I was younger? I don't remember my mom running her butt off each day to do all. She did work 7 days a week too. However, there weren't the computers, smart phones, DVRs, video games (we did have Atari though!) just house & pay phones. Music, books and some good all day outside play too. Bikes, swimming, a game of bochi ball, tennis, kickball, wiffle ball... and I cannot forget Great Adventure & the beach. Yes, I do long for those days again.

Fast forward to the present, times are so much different. Period. I love how I've met many wonderful people via social media. Love. it. 

Do you have many projects that are on your list of must-do-sooner-than-later like myself? One being switch blog over to WP. Any one go from Blogger to WordPress and absolutely love? I've been putting off for too long! Another is stay on Etsy or move to Store Envy?

I have so many photos I want to share, the time has gotten away from me again.

On this note, I'm signing off. Tea & toast perhaps? Then to bed.

Oh yeah, the hubby went to Costco and came home w/these two for me! Has so much info too! Love my new book. #daniellesteelfan

Sweet dreams. xo

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