March 1, 2012

Pray Pray & Pray some more

The weeks are flying by & so much had to get pushed to the side. My girls were sick, the husband too. I did not catch it thank God! Perhaps he thought I had enough last year. School projects & Cottage Fairs are in full swing. Soccer tournaments too. 2-3 a weekend? Yes this pulls us in all directions. Literally. My little one is having tummy issues again plus her leg was absolutely killing her! *I think we cleared this hurtle since a few days ago! This is wonderful. =)

On top of all this, is my mom who had a seizure of some sort last Thursday. She's 81 and was doing pretty good living on her own. Her balance was off as she walked but she was still good to go. Cannot say the same this week. We took her to the hospital Thursday, she was released Saturday night. She was then taken straight to a rehabilitation center. Here, she is having all types of therapy which is wiping out all her energy. Her speech is slurred somewhat & her balance? Horrible. I don't see her getting better any time soon. Her memory is suffering as well. She even had a fall two nights ago in her room. She needs help to go from bed to restroom or to wheelchair. My mind is racing w/thoughts of how? what? why? how can I make this all better for her? She's very independent & must be hating all of this. The meds are making her sick as well. So much to think about.

All I can ask is please pray for my family. Prayers work just in case you were skeptical. I found out the hard way last year. So many prayers worked for me & I am truly thankful each and every day.

{this was from her stay at the hospital. today she doesn't look this happy or in such good spirits}

Times like this I wish w/everything my sister was here IRL w/me. She passed in 2006 and would of been next to me w/our mom every single day.

Happy Thursday to you.

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