December 27, 2011


Raise your hand if you have your list completed already! ... I can't say that I do. This past year has been a doo-sey.  So many ups & downs, I'm still trying to make sense of it all. I want this new year to be a better, healthier, more productive one by far. So many obstacles have been thrown in my way and boom! I made it through them all! (if you only knew) I have so many hopes & dreams, and it's up to me to make them possible. So for 2012, I plan to strive towards these goals and in the process, become a better mom, wife, indie biz owner, daughter, friend, cousin, aunt and sister too. The days and years are flying by. I want my girls to look back and see how much I loved them and to see that hard work does, in fact, pay off. They do a real good job now of that hard work stuff. =)

Our oldest is working towards becoming a pharmacist, our next will be entering high school in Aug 2012, the third is in the 5th grade & our youngest is a second grader. All four are beautiful and have their own ideas & talents. I just want to be there so I can nourish, teach them a number of things and have them in the end, be proud of their mom, as well as themselves.

I hope you'll share your top three resolutions, goals, changes (whatever you may call it for the new year) right there in the comments! Who knows? You may inspire the next person or me!

I will be back to share mine soon!

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