September 24, 2011


Not by choice. I miss you all & visiting all the blogs & leaving comments galore. I'm writing from my iPad & hoping it works. I haven't been on my Mac for over a month now. It all began w/a headache, moved down to my back & only got worse from there. Double vision is still apart of it all. Major back spasms, all types of doctors, meds & 5 trips to the ER & 5 day stay in the hospital. I got out last week & since, my pain hasn't gotten any better. I'll skip all the details but I have no real answers yet. I started physical therapy yesterday & pray 3 days a week work in my favor. I can only ask that you pray for me & wish the best for my girls. There's not much I can do but cry in pain. My girls & husband have been great, as well as friends & family. A huge thank you go out to all those who have helped my family & I. I'll be ever so grateful for a long time. Thank you. Love you much & thank you for caring. xo

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Our Life said...

Oh no!... :( I will be praying that you feel better Julie