April 7, 2011

I Love Books

Okay I meant to post this a few days ago when I found out the great news. Didn't work as I planned. Girls, soccer, HW & me being on the mend... you get the picture. =) I was lucky enough to win these books from  two different blogs! This first one has been on my wish list for months now!

I won this from Mique at Thirty Handmade Days.
Thanks again!

The second won't be released until May 1st & then it's ALL mine! I cannot wait to see inside! It's beautiful...

I won this from Kim at Today's Creative Blog
You can visit Jennifer Paganelli's website HERE. Prepare to be amazed. =)

Gotta run & get ready for Creative Estates! Any of you going? Be sure & find me! Would love to meet you! Have a great weekend.


Dana V said...

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Nadhrah Maidin said...

i must get hold of the books too....looks interesting