March 25, 2011

Suits, Helicopter & Me

I had the worst dream ever last night! Did you ever have one of those?? The type that'll wake you from a deep sleep, that'll leave you with your heart pounding so hard, your neighbors could hear? Yes, this happened to me. I will get right to it bcuz I couldn't fall asleep to start with {hubby just fell into his deep sleep & the light snoring began}, and second, it was late about 3am. 

My family lived in my childhood home in Jersey. We were all in the backyard, including some friends. Our backyard was huge & mostly located on the side of our house. Bcuz of this, we were able to see this dark matte green helicopter swoop down appear out of nowhere, make a hairpin turn over the street in front of our house, landing half on the curb & it was super loud & windy. The odd thing about the helicopter is that it had zero landing gear. It landed on the smooth bottom of the aircraft!? The doors opened and men piled out speaking either Spanish or Italian. {it was not a distinct language} They all had dark suits on, dark sunglasses & had the olive skin w/dark hair. Some ran toward us in the backyard, others ran in the house through the front door & others in the street. WTH?? Everyone was screaming to make sure the kids were close to us and the men were yelling us as they ran toward us all. I have no idea what was happening, it was just a blur.

These men were intimidating & just kept talking to each other as they rounded all of us up to get us into the house. The kids were crying, the adult women were crying & screaming at the same time to not take any of the kids away. These men put us in different rooms & took some of us outside. I remember being in my parents bedroom, but now it was a huge room. Our oldest that's away at college, walked into the room & began to get changed & really had no idea that something MAJOR was happening. She went to bed after eating soon after. I can hear the TV playing while she was getting ready. Ready for what though? I know we had a conversation, but it's all hazy now.

I know I went out to the kitchen next & five or so scary men were going in and out of the house, still moving fast & talking in another language. I could see the helicopter through our big front window. One man grabbed my arm & took me outside. I fought him, but I cannot remember much else. The entire time, these men were walking fast or running back & forth and non-stop chatter between them. They acted like we cracked the code for the nuclear bombs or something! I didn't understand AT ALL! They terrified us all, even the men in our family were quite shaken up! Soon enough, they dispersed it seemed and all of us were left unharmed. All of us, just waited for them to turn around and come back to us. Why on earth would men like this, barge their way into our life and home, scare the living daylights out of everyone and soon enough leave the very way they swooped into our day??

Needless to say, I woke up immediately and my heart was pounding so hard, I could feel it in my throat. I just kept looking around. I didn't check the time but I'm wondering if it was shortly after I went to bed & how long this dream actually was. It seems short, but when I was in the middle of it, it took hours upon hours. I'm still shaking my head at the possibility that this could actually happen & WHY--?!!

Just had to share bcuz it really shook me down to my core. No. Joke. This was scary. We have a long day ahead of us & our daughter will turn the big THIRTEEN tomorrow!! I wish time would slow down once in a great while, I really do. Until later friends! Enjoy your day & get plenty of sleep. xo

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