March 13, 2011

Got Soccer?

Yes, all weekend we have been MIA & this will be the same for today. We have been to three fields, three towns & two different clubs. Graciella has been playing w/her new team in the Ostrich Festival. Friday night they won 5-0. Saturday they won 1-0. Today they play again & depending what the outcome is, I'm sure they'll play this afternoon.

(photo from last wkend in Flagstaff)

(Antonia is still w/the Renegades (AAYS) & they played in a 6v6 tournament on Saturday. They won also! Driving all over & sitting in this 87 degree heat, w/this sun that has rays that could cook a turkey in 2 minutes... has me exhausted! Sucked all my energy right outta me! And I'm NOT even running around like all these girls. *yeah, I know age is kickin' in on this end...

On the way home from the final game yesterday, I had to drop Graciella off at her bff's birthday party, soccer uniform & all. She has missed her party for the past two years bcuz of soccer. Yes, welcome to our life.

On top of all that:

HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY to my great-niece, Gia!
We will celebrate soon beautiful girl.

I will update you all this afternoon. I'm trying to catch up on some things before my surgery this Weds. Let's see if I can muster up the energy this afternoon! Wish us luck & have a great Sunday.


Diana Waite said...

Dang girl! I feel your pain....

Our Life said...

Hey it's Evy. Just wondering if you are going to the next SMB get togethers? I think I saw that its going to be in April. Let me know because if you go I would want to go. :)