January 3, 2011

Happy Third Day New Years

This is what my 6 y/o just said to me this am. Too cute. 

Speaking about her... if Milk of Magnesia, Karo Syrup, Miralax, Sprouts Potty Drops, a homeopathic remedy, heating pad, warm bath, message & Castor Oil do NOT work for this little tiny girl to pass her *plug* of a poop... WHAT on this earth WILL work? She's had a low grade temp for the past few days bcuz of it. I don't want to take her to the hospital & have her hooked up to IVs to flush her out. She knows though, if she doesn't pass this today, that's what has to be done. ???? Have any of you gone through this? So--- frustrating! She's been to her dr, to a pediatric GI dr too. This happened this bad around Xmas 2009 too. It's happened every few months, but she gets through it. Nothing the dr says works. A year is too long for a little girl to be on Miralax EVERY day. She's has xrays to see exactly HOW much she's backed up. At this point, underneath her tummy is hard. =( Any old wives tales you can share Pronto?! Please, she really needs help.

Here's my mama that needs help asap!!
If you know anyone or anything that may help, please email or leave me a comment! Thx so much in advance for any tips.

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Jennifer Yates said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by and for posting the NS Badge! Love your blog too!!! :))