December 10, 2010

Gingerbread Houses & PJs

I was excited about volunteering in Antonia's class this am! They had it all planned out, steps & all on how the houses were going to be made...

Step 1:

Step 1 really started w/me at home getting her base prepared. I did like this way better though! Easy & quick! I just had to buy the OJ the day before cut, wash, dry & hot glue!

Step 2:
Placement is key...

Step 3:

Pick the perfect accents for your house... and some extra to snack on!

Step 4:
Sit back & enjoy your creation! And try not to eat until you get home!

Antonia & her awesome teacher, as Antonia calls her! Most recently, bcuz of Xmas pj days & moving her project date to Monday! =)

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Diana Waite said...

how fun is this?! the pj's are AWESOME!!