December 3, 2010

Fave Drink

Meeting w/my bff every Friday am, right after we drop our girls off at school has led us here:

We walk in this place, sit in our booth (try anyway! unless someone beat us to it! this keeps happening!) but the girls there greet us as we come in & know Shanna will have coffee & for me? *my special drink* one gal made specially for me! I don't like coffee period. At all. Not even a drink that slightly tastes like it! But I do like: coffee ice cream, coffee cake, candy, choc covered espresso beans, etc. She made this drink, I have no idea how or what's in it. ALL I DO know is that... it is the BEST ever! She sprinkles cinnamon & chocolate sprinkles on top, along w/choc syrup! Yum. She even gives me extra sprinkles bcuz when the first layer of whip cream is gone, I get a second layer & add those extra sprinkles! I LOVE it!! And soon after we browse the menu, we order breakfast.

 My non-cafe latte tasting slamming drink! Yummee. This cup is HUGE too! =)

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