October 25, 2010

Got American Swag?

We need your help!! Do you have an Etsy shop, Big Cartel, online shop or even a local {or USA} shop w/a web site? You can help us! {I hope!} My daughters' school is having a Fall Festival (it's huge!) on Nov 13th & we are in charge of my 1st grader's class basket: American Swag. Anything made in the USA, a local store, restaurant... anything goes! Want to donate a gift card? Great! That works too!

Our contributors so far:

Stitched Boutique
A Pearantly Sew
Pei Wei
Creative Works Boutique
Udder Delights
Ice Cream, Burgers & Dogs
Polka Dot Skull
The Farmhouse
Gilbert Pizza
Joe's Real BBQ
CalleLillyCafe (that's me!)

**this is the perfect opportunity for FREE advertising! We will list all that's in the basket, so others can see who donated as well as who wins it! (I will also list you/your shop on my blog w/a direct link! MORE advertising!!)

I hope you can contribute!! Send me an email or leave a comment w/your email add.
Thx so much in advance!

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