June 5, 2010

Happy 13

Happy Anniversary to my husband, Carlos! Time flies, so much has happened. We’ve moved to San Fran & back, bought a new home, have four beautiful girls, lost precious love ones, had one daughter graduate Kinder & another graduate HS in one day, attended dance recitals, drove all over the state for soccer games & tournaments to last a lifetime, faced tough decisions throughout the years & still came together as husband & wife. Carlos, you have been there always & have done the best job ever taking care of us girls. We love you dearly for it. Although, the days fly by us all too quick, we as a family live, breathe & eat soccer, a creative family we are to the fullest, our girls learning lessons everyday, and you & I are still on the same page after so many years... Carlos, I love you w/all my heart & yes, I am still in love with you. xoxo

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