June 19, 2010

Break Came Too Soon

Literally people. For those of you who know our family: we're ALL about soccer, well... this am, we had 4 games between the 3 girls. In the heat from 830am till 1, went & ate pizza w/team afterwards to watch the World Cup. We thought we would play these last games & have a little break till practice started back up in a few weeks.
About 630pm, Graciella comes down the hallway crying bcuz she smashed her foot into dad's new printer box! Oops. We waited till she calmed down to assess her toe. Well, if this is any indication that something is definitely wrong: 

Her 4th toe on both of her feet are a little crooked, but not in THIS direction. OUCH! I took her to the ER & lucky for us, it was empty. Signed in, took vitals, registered, xrays, got a room & the fun began. Two shots in her broken toe to numb, 25 mins later doctor was back to set it. I heard a crack, they taped it & we were outta there.
My poor mama, she had worked herself up for the shots & for the dr to set her toe. I felt so bad for her. She hates shots too. I almost forgot! I was hysterical laughing bcuz she was crying, telling me she wasn't having it done & she was going home. Then she tells me "mom! look at me! look at me!" ?? I don't know why, but I lost it! I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants! I did finally stop & was there for my mama before all the drama started. =)

So sorry Graciella! You were braver than I thought you'd be & all was good even before we left hospital! So proud of you mama. xo 

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