May 28, 2010

Worms No Worms?

Hello again! These last few weeks are draining me! By the time I get to sit down, it's 1130pm or later & my body just melts when it hits the couch. Ahh---. Well, not the past 2 nites. Girls had to stay up late to finish projects for Cottage Fair & a class project. No time for laundry. Empty dishwasher? Clean? Not happening.
Here are the projects that kept us up late into the wee hours:

Antonia's Science project

Yes, Antonia & Lele play w/the other half of the worms in the fridge at home & yes, Antonia scared Graciella & her cousin, Carrie w/these lil guys! (yuk)

I thought Antonia was too cute w/her presentation to one of the parents

After the Cottage Fair, Antonia's class ate dinner outside & some kids played a game of soccer. Just seconds after this photo was taken, Graciella kicked the ball into this kids face! Oops. He was okay & ended up w/a bloody nose. So sorry!

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