May 18, 2010

Who's Got Nuts?

Setting: Our backyard & girls were playing soccer
Time: Last week after school
Who: Lele, Graciella & Antonia

Here's the funny story: All 3 girls come running in the house & Graciella cannot stop laughing. She tells me that she kicked the ball & it hit Antonia here, as she points to her private area. When Antonia was hit, she grabbed her stuff & screamed, "OW--! My nuts!" ??? Graciella immediately told her, "Antonia you don't have any nuts!" Antonia replied back all slick-like, "How do YOU know?" Graciella just laughed & started backing away!

I heard this & couldn't stop laughing! This was the perfect time to tell my 8 y/o what was meant when boys at school shout that out! Nice one huh? I thought it was a cute story & she'll laugh at this when she's older!

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