May 14, 2010

So Little Time

Who's w/me on this?! So little time. I must say this & 'time flies by' hundreds of times, way too often! Another go-to answer is: How are you? Crazy as always. THIS about sums it up. Last night, I had another dizzy spell. The very first thing the husband says? You're over doing it again. Or was it "you're doing it again" Either way, it's the same in the end. I try to do it all.

1. The wife deal (this often gets pushed to the back of the line. Sorry Carlos!)

2. The mommy one. That comes first in my book. I love doing all that I can for these little ones. But often I feel I come up short. There's so much I want to do, say I'll do & bcuz we are so short on time... it never happens.

2. Maid/cook: by the time this rolls around, I am exhausted or simply the no-time excuse wins again.

3. AAYS: our newest venture. Much work to get it off the ground. It's working but also taking much much time. The girls love it bcuz they love playing soccer. This though, takes more of daddy's time. I try to fit it in when I can. Squeezing is more appropiate.

4. FB & Twitter: this only happens on the go. This is WHY I love my iPhone people. Also, the friends that I have via these two, I couldn't stay sane w/out them. I was lucky enough to meet some in person recently & loved them even more!

5. Sewing: I love to do. Have many items on my make-asap-list. Not happening the way I would like. I know, I can only blame me. I think I can do it all! I know I can but other things fall off the wagon. Sad I know.

6. My girls' rooms: on-going, always gets put off. I hate this. Graciella has all that she needs for doing her room over, sitting on her floor. You basically trip over it walking in her room! Again, no time to prep, clean, paint & hang up curtains all over. Again sad. Antonia has been asking to paint her room period, forever. Would love to do this before her bday July 2nd. It's a tough one, I'm hoping we can pull it off. So many house projects, gets thrown in the dumpster too.

7. Our floors, backyard, garage, painting... I'll stop there! That's another thing, just a few wks ago I bought a huge bag of dog food. TOO bad I couldn't even see the big container we put it in! That lead me to cleaning out the garage! I threw a bunch of stuff away, the other half went into the back of our Suburban to take to Goodwill, the rest had to be put in it's place & NOW we can walk in & out. It's a breeze. Whew.

8. Back to my girls though? The school day is 11-4. Smack in the middle of my day. It's overwhelming at times. Driving here & there. Drs appts to drive too first thing in the am, then hurry back home, get the girls ready, then off to school. Another appt soon after. Back home grab lunch (if I'm lucky) then off to school & soccer 3 days a week! Don't forget the Free Clinics, tryouts & games on wkends. Plus all the has-to-get-done-now things that may come up. It seems like every day this happens. I crack a tooth & off to the dentist. Hugo is crying about his ear. Off to the vet. Gramma needs to get p/u from the drs like now. One of the girls forgot this or that for school. Just walked in the door, but I'll grab it & turn back around. I also volunteer at the girls' school! Almost forgot to factor in school projects, reading hours, & time for HW. =)

THIS is the story of my life. I'm seriously hoping for the new school year (end of July) this can all change. The girls will be going all day & will still have soccer, but it just might give me more time to do what I need to do. Things that will allow me to make my Etsy shop a success. This will make me happy. Also, more time to edit all the pix I'm behind on, maybe scrap too. All my supplies are waiting ever-so patiently. But in the meantime, I can still collect all the pretty fabric, meet more friends, & add more to my crafty list.

Any suggestions to make all this chaos come together, I call life? Any recipes or magic tricks that when I snap my fingers, it'll all fall into place? Please comment below if you do. I would appreciate any & all suggestions. Thx. xo


Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

If you get a comment with the recipe for success... pass it on, girl!!!

Melina*Alecia said...

Here is what I learned this past semester with my busy school schedule and work and homework and tucker time and chore time and me time and shower time and workout time and 2 hours sleep time.
Let the girls help! They are big enough. Tell G to start clearing stuff away from the walls to start tapping things off then have a painting party. If I can paint my WHOLE apartment with just me and Z and 3am then having 4 people help will make it a breeze. The same things with Lele and A. Tell them to start prepping their rooms.
There was always so much I had and wanted to do during the week on top of HAD to be dones that each day I would pick 2 things other than school work that I would get done. It may be doing my wash, sweeping, reading 20 pages in my book.
Also-on a Saturday or Friday buy what you need for 3 days worth of meals that you plan out. Cook it all Sunday night and package it so that Mon-weds all you have to do is a quick heat. that's what I do for the whole week otherwise all I eat is shit fast food and then my tummy kills, I get pissed and then fat. It's all about planning and time management and THE LIST! Oh how I am a list maker.
So you have to ask yourself...What's the plan?!?! BWAH HA HA HA!
Oh and let's not forget your 10 minutes to yourself to just breathe b/c I will tattle! I'll tell Z and he's a DOCTOR now!