March 7, 2010

Sybil Lundington

Last Tuesday nite, was Graciella's Wax Musuem. All the 5/6 grade classes studied different time periods & had to choose a person to do research,a report & finally, dress up as them also. Here's where our saddle story comes into play!

Graciella's teacher for 5th & 6th grade is Mrs. S: can I say how awesome she is? Seriously, every year you hope to get a good teacher & one that your child likes! We lucked out w/her! All her students love her to death & she is truly a great teacher. Thx Mrs. S for ALL you do!

Mrs. S' class (who all did a great job that nite!)

The Funkadelics (Graciella & her bffs!)

Of course, my two lil ones had to get in on the action!

Here are a few of my faves from other classes:
Coco Channel

Dolly Madison

Stephanie Meyers

(forgot her name but her outfit was very authentic!)

There was alot more but it'll take 3 pages to post them all! This week we have both Lele & Antonia's Cottage Fairs plus another field trip! Last week, I went w/Graciella's class to the Halle Heart Center. Lotsa info & I learned some things I never knew! We had watched this short video & it brought tears to my eyes. It was about a dad who got a second chance (heart attack victim) after receiving the right care afterwards. **this May will be 4 yrs since my oldest sister passed due to a massive heart attack.

This machine hears the heartbeat & those red beads inside the tube jump, as if it's on a big speaker. The kids got a kick out of it too bcuz they had to exercise for a few mins then measure their heart rate again.

Enjoy your Sunday! (we have another project for school to work on today!) xo

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