March 18, 2010

A Quick Hello

Just wanted to stop in for a quick hola! {I'm waving people!} I have lotsa pix to share & perhaps tonite it'll happen! Check back in the am for pix from this past week! Today I'm actually home doing laundry & watching 2 more kiddos. In a few, we'll all be leaving to hit the pool! Yes, we have it like that in Az! It's crazy how Spring break is here & BAM! it's really--- warm out! Yesterday it hit 85 driving around & the a/c went on for a little while. But it's gorgeous out today, windows open & my laundry hanging outside is drying in 1/4 of the time! That's one plus of the warmer weather that I LIKE! (hear that Miss Shey! haha!)

Have a great day ALL!

1 comment:

nancy said...

hi jewels! =) sounds like you're having as much fun as i am! laundry is loads of fun! wish i had a clothesline too on days like this.
hugs and kisses to the little ladies!