February 25, 2010

The Word of the Day is?

Just a quick re-cap of today: Super busy as usual, but Carlos went in one direction on his Harley & I, in the other. First I dropped off the girls at school, loaded up w/fave drink from QT {white peach sugar-free tea} then off to get a fill & pedicure at The Nail Forum. This was, BTW... way--- overdue! Let's see, stopped by Desert Saddlery to see if I can 'borrow' *key word* a saddle! Ha! Of all things! Anything for my girls huh?! Guess what?  S-C-O-R-E !! Yes, I did. The owner will let me borrow one, as long as I bring it back! YES! My mama will be proud! After that, had to hurry home to put soccer clothes in wash, cut out title for Graciella's poster board w/Cricut (yes, ya gotta love that thing!) gathered up supplies for her & I was off, once again!

**Did I mention that I got spray ahesive on my EYEBALLS?! Yes, you can laugh. My Twitter friends did already. Haha. I was only trying to make the Cricut pads sticky. Oops.

Well, I hurried (didn't I say that already?) to Bill's a few houses down, he came to the rescue w/printing a few pgs *for Graciella's poster brd* in COLOR! Yes, many thanks to Bill. =) And again, was off to hurry to Walmart to buy a few things for... you guessed it! Graciella & her poster board. Was in & out in a flash (that NEVER happens!) & drove to her school. Get this! I'm parking & G texted me "are you still coming?" Hello----?! I'm here!.... I'm telling you NON-STOP! Go in, make delivery & chat w/teacher for a few. By now it's almost 3 & I leave home at 330 to p/u Lele from school, next bldg over. Nice. Once again, I ______ home. ha! Switched out laundry & Carlos made it home. We barely spoke all day, so we drove together to p/u girls. Only when he's telling his story, I'm catching up on Tweets, FB & emails. Oops. He caught on when he asked a question that I couldn't answer! Sorry. ;]

We did p/u girls only to - can ya guess? Yep. We made it home, had to do 'that H word' - to get the 3 girls dressed in soccer uniforms & over to Bowdacious Creations (a Custom Embroidery shop) for photos & her Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. (which we had to leave before it took place!) The final shots will be great & different from anything we've seen out there for sports! Will share when we get the pix in about 4 wks! Not nice. Whattaya gonna do? The girls had fun, snapped a few pix, grabbed food & ran home. Me & Lele stayed home, p/u Katie & off they went to practice. I think it's all winding down now...

It's getting late & I need to sleep. Figures, my pump just ran out of insulin.
Gnite all. xo

Whew! Well, that is basically the re-cap of our every day! I don't know HOW to slow things down. Carlos & I have stuff in the works and thinking it about it? ... will take more of our time. Hmm. I'm hoping ALL goes well. My-self included.

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Diana Waite said...

exhaustion? Your day sounds like mine yesterday...ugh!