February 14, 2010

Creative Me

I cannot stop sneezing! Okay w/that said... I started this project over a week ago & bcuz our life is hectic, I finished it last Monday! Like I said. Hectic. Today is Saturday (ok, Sunday technically) & finally I'm posting it! I'm telling you, I'm working on changing that.=)

I love how she turned out. She started as an old sweater from my daughter. I added scraps of fabric, ribbon & felt and she was born.

Isn't she TOO cute?

Here's a layout that came together pretty quick. I didn't overthink it, trying to figure out which 3 of 10 techniques I could use. I liked the quick-ness of it! I also love that glossy, blue button in the corner! I ordered it from Tessa Ann's Button Shop. You can visit her shop HERE.

Sweet Dreams. xo

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Diana Waite said...

this owl is SOOO dang cute!! DD happened to walk in when I was looking at it--she loves it too!