January 31, 2010

Need a little Advice

I've been wanting to give my blog a much needed (I think) makeover. I've seen SO many blogs that I love but what to do. what to do. I love Fabulous K Creative's designs w/the pix going across the top of the blog, (I've been going thru all her designs for over 8 mos plus now!) but I also like some color/design on the sides. Hmm.

What do you all think? Can you let me know WHAT you *first* notice when you're surfing & the blog pops up? Colors? Design? Photos? Simple? Too hectic? I want to 'slim' down my lists over there on the side. I don't think I can just limit myself to even ten! Do you enjoy having photos to link you to other sites & such? Do you like things broken down to simple titles & short lists to browse? I have too many ideas on how I want it to look like in the end. Perhaps just a header change? Hmm. I'm hoping you can give me some feedback. =)

Thank you in advance.


Diana Waite said...

personally I like simple blogs with not much going on, then I can focus in on the post, I REALLY DO NOT like blogs with black backgrounds they are SO difficult to read!

Melina*Alecia said...

I think the brown edging around the white background where you write should go. And maybe reduce some of the clutter on the right side. Perhaps but the things on the right side-bar at the bottom of your blog page?
I have my simple book blog, called Book-a-phobe. haha

Just Me said...


thank you for stopping by my little shop and blog...you are too sweet xoxo!

I love your daughters name, hee hee....perfection, unique..so so cute.


p.s. i think Material Gal has some of the coveted fabrics! There is a link on my blog

Katherine said...

I like all kinds of blog designs. I like picture headers, and a few colors...mine POP! It should reflect your personality :) Yes to less clutter on the sidebar. I also like 3 column....any help?

Amy Priddy said...

I like the blogs with the custom headers (photo or graphic), white backgrounds behind the text and simple backgrounds. I do like personalization with the buttons and graphics. To me that kind of shows your personality.