December 5, 2009

La Familia de Vegas

Lastnite, my cousin & his family paid us a visit. We spoke about it earlier that week bcuz he was going to be in Az on business. Our girls were SO happy! I picked up Gramma on the way home from p/u the girls from school. Well, Antonia anyway. Lele was home w/me bcuz of the whole potty issue but Carlos p/u Graciella & took her in the opposite direction to practice. More on that in the future! So we hit Safeway on the way home to p/u stuff for lasagna, dessert, etc. While in the store, I ran into a mom from the girls' old school & also, her daughter & Graciella have been friends since Kindergarten. Oh yeah, on the way IN, we ran into Mr. Phillipe, who is a neighbor & works at the girls' old school too! I love when you run into people you know in town. (the nice ones anyway!)

We got home & started making dinner. Lele asked Gramma 'you know how to cook?' haha! She was cooking the meat for me while I did everything else. Yes. Gramma CAN cook! She's done it most of her life! All worked out perfect bcuz Carlos & Michael walked in the door w/20 to spare until all was done! Yay! Happy it worked out that way, & NOT sitting waiting & waiting for lasagna to cook. I got the 2 thumbs up for my lasagna, salad & fresh warm bread. Yes!

**Note to self: when buying fresh bread out of the oven in the future, do NOT leave in plastic bag & do NOT wrap it all in a towel in attempt to KEEP WARM.

I thought I ruined the bread, it was almost soggy! After slicing, putting them all on cookie sheet on the oven w/the broiler on... the reg oven was not cutting it! The bread was cripsy & ready to eat! Whew.

Michael's wife brought her homemade rice pudding! Yum! Thx Yaneth. Also, they brought wine, which we never drink! I felt like a grown-up just holding the bottle! haha. I didn't have any though. (yuk.) The girls ran & played right when they all walked in the door and afterwards when it was time to go, they all came up w/a plan. Can we stay here or can we go up to Sedona w/them & you can p/u us tomorrow? Huh?! Not. An entire wkend. Yes. IF we had nada to do. (soccer pix, a soccer game & me home w/Lele & her potty deal just for today!)  It was great to catch up again & I'm one day soon (Xmas break) we can make a trip to visit them!

Antonia, Sophia, Graciella, Leleanna & Alyssa

Graciella & Alyssa

Michael & my mom

Doesn't this little one resemble a doll?

These two same age, same grade, Antonia has reading glasses & bdays less than a month apart.

Michael & Antonia (my monkey girl)

Leleanna & Alyssa
Cousins, same age, Kinder, same eyes & pretty girls! =)

Two daddies.
Carlos & Michael

Families are a blessing.

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Sheree said...

awww, what a fun time!! great pictures!