December 5, 2009

Detective Oats & his Eye Ball

This past week was yet, another hectic crazy week. Both girls had projects due & luckily, Graciella has started her Mod Podge earlier. ??? Yes, it happened. On time. No rushing. Paint had time to dry & all! =)

Antonia had to do a cereal box report. Came out super cute!

My mama is in 3rd grade & lovin' it!

Graciella (6th grd) had her choice of 'what' to do it on (teeth, eye, lungs..) She chose the eye. Her ideas too! Came out like a model you see at your eye dr! The following pix courtesy of daddy & co. (I forgot to take pix!)

The optic nerve, if you will.

Graciella looks pretty happy w/it! huh?! heehee

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