November 18, 2009

Dreams & Wishes

Okay, so I had another dream! I'm on a roll! I was in Greece & had to keep climbing higher & higher. Myself, as well as other men were almost racing to the highest point. We went through parks, villages, gorgeous homes, roof tops, fountains, up & up. If we didn't run fast enough, everything behind us & underneath crumbled. Is that nuts! What is wrong w/me?! I could see the beautiful bright hues of the blues, white & yellows. Even the gorgeous, majestic views of mountains we still had to climb & the ocean. (I'm shaking my head. Strange.)

Photo by Wolfgang Staudt

Yesterday, when we got home & the girls were walking into the house, Leleanna starts digging a small hole in the front & drops a SweetTart in & covers it. Graciella then asks her "Lele, what ARE you doing?" She says "If you plant a SweetTart, then a candy tree will grow!"  (Lele is 5 and TOO cute!)

Photo by Anthony Istrico

Feel free to give me some insight to my dreams!


Sheree said...

does that work for chocolate too, leleanna? because i could totally use some chocolate over here! :P

Every Little Counts said... greece. i dream of going back. there's nothing like it.