October 13, 2009

Ready for Halloween?

I started today. I'm glad to see I made it before the wkend before Halloween! This way, we can enjoy our decorations for a bit! I had to go outside first thing this am (1030 to be exact!) & trim our bushes. I so did NOT want to do this but it NEEDed to be done! That in turn means rake the rocks (yep! In Az, it's rocks! ha! I want grass one day in the front!) Next step, throw out all the raked up stuff from the huge Mesquite tree. (I love this tree & it's shade. Daddy hates it! Bcuz it grows fast & huge! I told him he can get rid of it, WHEN we get grass in the front! Even trade-off, don't cha think?!)

Brought out the blower next. This works alot faster than ME trying to sweep away everything on the sidewalk, driveway & walkways! THEN it was time to break out the decorations. First, the tombstones. Skull lites, that Antonia managed to step on 'accidently' & cracked one guy's face! The ground was soft for digging this year! I was surprised but when I tried to use the shovel for the lite holes, NOPE! Hard as a 100 yr old piece of ****! ha! I told Carlos bring his guns outside & let's DO THIS! He came outside & did it faster than I could. The ghosts dancing around our tree were next. Carlos pounded the stakes in the ground & in the am, we will make our ghosts. The girls came outside during all this, helped me some & rode bikes. Again, another gorgeous day! Right now, it's 81 out & its 546pm! =) I almost forgot about our BIG spiders! I had to carry out the tallest ladder for that one! I like those guys! =)

I still want to buy some pumpkins w/the girls & do them up pretty like this!

I love this girl's blog! Shabby chic, modern, glam... all the way. Click HERE to see how these pretties were made!

We still need to decorate inside... maybe later tonite after soccer practice or first thing in the am. I'm half way done w/this:

Anyone else reading this? I'll be done real soon & will still have time to read yet, another book! Whoohoo! Miss Shea's reading abilities are rubbing off on me! =) Kinda, sorta, maybe, teeny tiny bit. hee hee.

Just peeked out the window & the sky is beautiful w/pink flowing through it...


chefamily said...

Nice job decorating!
I ♥ the "werewolf liver" sign!

Unknown said...

Love the decorations. The ghosts around the tree are my favorite!