September 14, 2009

Live Love Breathe

SOCCER! ha! Thought this post was going to be all heartfelt, emotional...Oops! Soccer baby! Saturday am was spent getting all of us ready & to the park by 830 for Lele's game. Her team & daddy did an AWESOME job (they lost 5-3) but kicked butt! They had lots of chances to make goals, but seemed to kick it right into the goalie's hands. =( My mama scored a power shot crossover from OUTside the goalie box!! Whoohoo! Of course, I recorded her first game EVER & took lots of pix! =) Almost forgot! Graciella helped the goalie the entire game. She was excited to help the lil ones.

**We also scored Cardinal tickets for opening day that am! =)

Next, it was back home for a few mins to pack up food & take care of the boys. NEXT stop? Graciella's game out at Reach11. Yeah, it's a ride...take this freeway to this freeway, about 45 mins later, we're there. Thank God whoever put this thing together, they were smart enough to post signs of where the fields were! This place was HUGE!! Even had a clean port-a-potty super close by! (this is important when you have a 5yr old in tow!) It was HOT but we had the canopies lined up & we were ready to go!

Ana (mom to Graciella's teammate) & I were talking, hysterical laughing at what we had 'in common'. HAIR-DOS! Each hair has to be in it's place, braids, twists, all the tiny rubberbands, curling irons, flat irons, coordinating ribbons, flowers.... I was glad to hear & NOW know I am NOT the only one! =) Here's a new label: Hair Crack Whore! LOL.... or not! I thought it was funny. heehee

Graciella & Leanna
Game was about to start, we see Graciella & Morgan run out to be Captains for today's game. =)

In a few, the girls run out & take position. Graciella is a striker. =) Go mama!! It was a great game & the girls truly worked thier butts off, specially in this heat & on the huge field! During the game, one of our defenders got the wind knocked out of her. Graciella took her defense position. To see G on defense, it's funny to me. You know what though? Olivia & Graciella are the ones who can chase any girl down & BEAT them! In my opinion, Taylor (also a defender) should of got MVP of the game. (had they done so! ) She worked it hard every time! It seemed the ball was always in her spot every time! They won 2-1. AWESOME first game!
These fields were HUGE!
Graciella & Coach Beny
We won! You'll know you're playing us, when you hear those cow bells!
(you see Antonia holding it!?)
Of course, afterwards it's not rocket Science that we WiLL hear this follow: "Mom, can I go over her house, can she sleep over?" It was Antonia who went w/Tori & Kathy back home. That left little Lele crying the ENTIRE time on the walk back to the car, in the car, at QT when we stopped for drinks & cried HARDER when we saw Antonia at QT. Nice. haha. I think she cried for an hour straight. She just wanted her sister back. Mind you, this is NOT the first time that she has been w/out Antonia. Lucky for us & our ears, she fell asleep on the way home. whoohoo!!

This is the result after playing in the heat for an hour plus!
Same w/Lele!
Got home, she woke up & guess what?! It started again!! =(  Graciella got ready & was off again! Had to take her to a bday party/sleepover. That means Lele is on her own, NO big sisters! Later that afternoon, it ALL started again! UGH! Antonia came back wanting to sleepover Tori's. Sure, have fun! So I heard it ALL over again. Whine. Whine. Cry. Cry some more. Antonia-----. I want Antonia------. Jeze! You would of thought she went to Russia for 3 weeks! Finally, I worked my mommy-magic & got her to stop. =)

The crazy-Ness didn't stop there though! Our door was like the NY Macy's revolving door at Xmas time for next few hrs! Neighborhood blockwatch gal came over, Antonia was leaving, Drew came over to p/u those tix. I left to go visit my bff. Make it stop!!! It was crazy w/the dogs barking & keep track of who was coming & going!

Coach Drew
*Graciella's former Coach*
(I had to get proof that he came by for Graciella! She would be mad that she missed him & that he chopped his curls off!)

I'll stop it there! Hopefully, someone reading this 'gets the picture!'

Sunday: p/u Graciella from sleepover, only to be almost there & I get a call "can I stay a litte while longer?" Did she NOT realize we do not live close by? This was another freeway trip & keep driving towards the mountains?! She came up w/this though: I do have my book report to work on though. Yay! I didn't have to say no! =) Lele was a happy camper to see her but not happy when I told her we were going home & NOT p/u Antonia yet. We did finally p/u Antonia later that afternoon & After we made a trip to Joann's for sewing stuff!

** Note to Joann's: your customer service person is NOT nice. If she is the mgr & CS, please show her the employee manual or something!!

...we did get Antonia after leaving there, 2 hrs later!! Graciella never did get her report done. She was complaining of her stomach & underneath, hurting, pain... can YOU guess what's coming soon & a very first?! Lele is not feeling well either. Her tummy hurts every so often. Yep, haven't gone potty since Sat lunch time. We tried a suppository yesterday, no luck. Came out 10 mins later! In the past, yrs ago, we tried Miralax w/no luck. Apple juice, no luck. Anyone know a sure-fire way a product that works EVERY time w/little ones? She's only 5. I want to get this taken of today! This way she can go to school w/no worries manana. Today she is at school, I'm hoping she makes it thru the day!

**I bought Fletcher's Laxative for Kids, orig RootBeer taste & w/in a 1/2 hr, it worked! AND she liked the taste of it! Whoohoo! =) Graciella, unfortunately is in MAJOR pain. My poor mama.


Diana Waite said...

I LOVED the title sounds like my life! EXCEPT for the fact that we play and practice all in the same place, albeit 25 minutes from our house M-TH plus games Fridays and Saturdays....But I LOVE it! I NEED to get the cow bell!! I keep telling my kids (after watching trinidad & tobego play I needed to get a drum--they TOTALLY believed me when I told them I had one in the back of the car-last season0, until we unloaded our chairs--ha! ha!) Fun stuff!

Melina*Alecia said...

1)Graciella still sleeps with her eyes open

2) I can't believe you allowed him into the house wearing an ASU shirt!! UGH!!

3)my visitor comes tomorrow! :)