September 10, 2009

Don't Laugh

...When your husband is scolding your 11 yr old bcuz she needs to concentrate on her HW!

Scene: our family of 5 sitting at the table eating dinner. Oldest one finishes & starts her HW. 8 yr old leaves to get in shower.
5 yr old: Telling us a story about Mrs. Roach at school. She's going on & on & on...
Me:  I never heard her name, so I ask her like 3 times "What's her name, Roach?" (I couldn't understand the name she kept repeating. She didn't hear me the first 2 times!)
5 yr old: Looks at me & says "Yes"
11 yr old: spits out that fast "what's her first name, Cock?"
Me: I hestitate & bust out laughing so hard that I spit my food out & tears were rolling!
Dad: He says a few words, exits stage right & leaves angry.
11 yr old: She looks at me & loses it.
Me: I just laugh so hard, no sound is coming out!
All us girls: Hysterical laughing!!!!!

Note to self: Remember that 11 yr old does NOT realize the word she just said... is vulgar. I know she meant it as a name. She doesn't quite know the true meaning. Yet.

**Turns out, Carlos didn't even hear what 11 yr old said! I ducked in bathroom & repeated 'the line' as he gave 5 yr old bath & walked out hysterical All Over Again! I had to go back & explain. He thought I was laughing AT her.


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Unknown said...

OH GOODNESS!!! I just peed my pants a little!!
"ALL I know how to do is eat SWEET TARTS!!"

and that line(about sweet tarts) reminds me of when a couple months ago(when still living w/ Z) that Charlee found a roll of smarties somewhere in the house. Brought them to Zach's feet, looked up and him and meowed. She wanted to play fetch with the roll of smarties she found. Just got back from the gym. Was talking to the interest. Gonna shower, meet my group to study and then Raven should be here!! :)