July 15, 2009

Not Fun

Going on week 5 (or 6 now! Can't quite remember.) of being in extreme pain. The pain started in my left side (lower back). I thought I pulled a muscle. I was going to the chiropractor & finally stopped till we found out why the pain? Then it went to my lower back from left side to right. This hurt REAL bad. I still have that pain, w/the occasional side hurting.

Since, I have been to the drs & they told me I have kidney stones. Wonderful! That explains the excruciating pain in the pelvic area! OWW!!! This sh** really hurts! I have stuff to do each day but JEZE! Give me a break with the pain already!! I went to the drs today & I thought I may have ANOTHER hernia. The dr did his exam & hurt me in the process. 'Let me press here & tell me if it hurts" Yeah okay Mister! YEAH IT HURTS LIKE A BITCH! He thinks no hernia but possible scar tissue, maybe a growth of some kind?! Huh. I go for an ultrasound manana in the am. But this is NOT fun! In fact, it SUCKS big time!! It's a constant pain...NON-STOP!!

Maybe a week or so ago, I had to take Sebastian to the vet. His eye is bulging & this whole third eyelid thing. Not cute. After blood work & an eye test, he has glaucoma. Possible abscess or cancer behind the eye. Vet said kitty can be in alot of pain & can hide it very well. What am I to do? We can remove the eye, but that's mucho $$$$ or just do a ultrasound on his eye. $$$$ He may not survive the surgery bcuz he's 15 & they won't know what it is till they're inside. It's not looking good for him. Until then, I have to give him his meds & ointment on his eye each day.

SAME DAY, I had to take Hugo for his puppy vaccines. I dropped him off in the am first thing. Usually, this takes till right after lunch... 45 mins later? He's done. Come & pick him up. Go home with him & he cannot stop vomiting! He had a reaction to his vaccines! As soon as we got home, I gave him some Benadryl too for this! Now, I have to take him back to the vet leave him there for a few hrs again & go home. They were going to keep an eye on him. Few hours had passed & they called. He hasn't thrown up since he was dropped off. OF COURSE! He did ALL while he was home! So I picked him up & kept an eye on him all day. By the end of the day, he was back to his crazy self. =)

Between me & our furry loves, we are not doing so hot. Hugo is these days though. Wow. It never ends. I wish I could be on top of all that I need to be, but it ain't happening! =( The heat doesn't help! Don't you agree, for those of you that are local? Man! We have soccer still in this heat. The girls still give 110%!!! Luckily, the games are inside... along w/yesterday's practice!!

Have a good nite all! xo


Diana Waite said...

oh, Julie! I'm SO sorry that you feel so bad, and that the fur babies aren't doing well either. Know I'm thinking about you! Take care, I hope good things come out of the Dr.'s appointment tomorrow!
and YES it's HOTTT!!!!

Michelle Devine said...

Oh Julie! Why didnt you call me. I havnt been to the blog world for a while and just saw all this. I hope you are doing better. Please call me if you need anything!