June 4, 2009

LOTSA of stuff to share

We've been so busy w/soccer tryouts in the past few weeks. Just the other day, we took the girls to Arizona Thunder practice. They had an invite to go & see if they could land a spot on the 98's & 01's. They DID!! Coach Benny, Coach Tara & Coach Alex all did a great job w/the girls. It's nite & day from Legacy. =) The board members, a few of the moms we met & the girls that Graciella had gone up against in the past... were all nice to talk to. Even the coaches, players & moms remembered Graciella! That was fun to talk about. I'm happy for her! She finally gets to play w/a team that actually WANTS to be there & the board members actually get back to you in a reasonable time... as in the SAME day or the am after! Isn't that how it should be?! Not chasing down answers from people that don't even acknowledge you at practice or answer phone calls or emails?! Come on now. This is why it's slowing going to fall apart on them. Oh yeah! It did already! They lost our team. Luckily, for our girls, they both landed spots on teams & are really looking forward to this season! =)

Antonia & Graciella

This is one of my FAVES! I took this one w/my iphone! =)

Antonia finished school yesterday & Graciella's last day is today. She has a pool party on Friday, bday party on Sat & a bday party next Sat. The girls will also have practice this Sat am. Yep. We're busy most of the time. Gramma moves next week. I ran her around two days straight. She's mad at me a smidge I think. She thinks I sold her tub full of summer tops. Ok then! Never saw them & they couldn't be found in storage. ??? I think it's still in her apt full of boxes. She's only moving 1/2 mile down the street from Chandler to Gilbert. Her new place is right on this lake w/a nice view. Sure, but once she goes for a walk on the walkway along the lake? This scares me. I told her NOT to go alone this way. She never listens though. If she loses her balance & falls on the lake side? She will roll right into the lake & stay there. It's a steep hill & she cannot swim. Also, there's a step issue. She has to climb up 3 steps to get to her apt. Had I gone w/her in the first place, I would of vetoed this one! We can fill out papers to have it changed into a ramp but she'll have to pay for it. It also has to be approved by 2 other tenants. It never ends. We'll see...


Lele is excited for kindergarten though. Me too! All 3 girls will go to school from 11-4! Just found out soccer practices will be Tues-Weds-Thurs each week. Games on wkends. They'll be doing indoor too, we think. When is that to fit in?! Currently, the girls on the team compete indoors.

Last week, the girls & I went to Rich & Shaunna's to swim & take care of Sturgis & Liconia. I kept calling her Iconic (a dance crew from Jersey). Pretty gatos! Lele got comfortable swimming again. She did her first cannonball & dive! It was too cute. Daddy even came w/us one time. The girls were LOVIN' it! {I took these next 2 pix w/my iphone!}


Does anyone - local - know of an AVON rep? I need 'Skin-so-Soft' like TODAY! The mosquitoes at soccer practice eat me up! It doesn't help w/those lakes right there! Some girls had lost soccer balls in 'em! Someone had told me brown Listerine & water in a spray bottle will work! I really don't want to smell like mouthwash! But... if it works! =) I don't want to use 'Off' it's sticky & smelly.

**June is sewing machine month over at SewMamaSew! FABULOUS info & pix to go with!**

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