May 22, 2009

More Pix to Share

I had this post in limbo that I had to upload pix to...Well, it's done now! You can click on 'older posts' on the very bottom of this page to see May 1st - Desert Belle or you can click HERE.

These next pix are from this season that just ended. Carlos w/his Thunderbolt team =)

Carlos & Antonia

Carlos & Katie (Antonia's BFF)

Antonia's new faves!

Let me paint this picture for you: 102 degrees out in this Az desert, major traffic downtown Phx bcuz of the NRA show, sitting in one spot just to go around corner to entrance of parking garage, only to get there after sitting still for 20 mins then moving 3 ft... did this 4-5 times. Saw the sign use the other entrance on street we passed, parked like 4 blocks away, only parking available was on 9th flr in direct sun! Beautiful view of the mountains & downtown though! Another mom & I tried to speed walk in few spots of shade on way. Got inside & couldn't find our kids or teachers! Did I mention this was a field trip we were on?!

For this thinga-ma-jig: Antonia had to sit, buckle up & try to pull her herself using pulley.

Antonia & her death defying act: BED OF NAILS

My group of kiddos: Katie, Derek, Antonia, Isha & Jorge

The girls had a job to do while the neighbors were in Hawaii! (it was a paying gig too!)



*Home Made Top*

Graciella (I still have to add straps & flower but she HAD to wear it!)

A gift from Harley & Hugo: I saw this when I first walked in kitchen in the am. Nice one boys.

Someone obviously was trying to make a statement!? I just thought it was funny. This word often comes to mind w/my girls...Clearly

Daddy did Lele's toes & nails a few days ago. (He just needs to take off the old polish next time!)

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Tina said...

OK Julie...tell me what you used for the overlays on your photos. Love them!!! I keep telling myself I am going to experiment more and then my computer goes out again. I really need to try. Fun photos! Have a great long weekend. :)