April 4, 2009

No Time like the Present

Ugh. Long--- day. If I were to write it out, I'm sure you'd feel winded. I went to my opthamologist today. Good news: no diabetes in my eyes & vision hasn't changed. Yay for me! Not-so-good news: Cataracts are starting, more so in my left eye. My vision is bad, so I could never have Lasiks. I was told a few yrs back, I would have to have cataract surgery (just to correct my vision!) Well, NOW I could use the surgery for what it's truly for! Not for yrs to come, at least. I was young to be getting this, I was told. However, 'suffocating my eyes' was not helping (I wear my contacts for long--periods of time & then take them off for bed) & all the meds I have to take can contribute. Hmm.... I just wish I had the spare change that's laying around collecting dust to do this asap! Ha! No worries for now. Just keep on wearing my contacts & give my eyes a break sooner in the day!

So I continued my day w/my eyes dilated & driving all over the place! I did go & get my haircut... OFF! As in chopped! I love it! I'll have to take a pic! Ended the day at Devine Memories, as usual w/my girls. Oh yeah! We went to Ulta3 to get some hair product for moi' & this is what the girls came up with! They were next to me planning this out. Cool huh?! (No! mommy had nada to do with this one!)

I'll post pix in the am of scrap stuff! Off to eat, watch tv for a min or two & go to bed! xo

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