March 17, 2009

New LiFe

Her name is Baby Gia. Well, Giavanna Antonia. Beautiful right?! She is my great niece who came into this world 2 hrs after I wrote my last post! I literally went to bed EXHAUSTED last Thurs nite for 15 mins & Rob called me. They had to do a c-section! The baby wasn't dropping! I hurried to the hospital & spoke to first-time-mom-to-be before she went in on my way. Thank God for cell phones! I ran into the hospital & just missed them rolling her to the OR. I waited & approx 1/2 hr later, I saw her dr walking past the waiting area. A few mins later, Rob (proud daddy) was calling me & holding his new baby girl. I could see in Carrie's room. I ran in there & snatched that beautiful baby up! She had Carrie's nose & looks like her daddy, complete w/his hair-do! She's such a good baby too. I'm SO happy for you Carrie & Rob! CONGRATS on your gorgeous baby girl!

Needless to say, I took TONS of pix of baby & new-time-mama. One person that was missed was Gladita. (my sister & Carrie's mom) This May 7th, will be 4 yrs that she had passed. I know I say it often, but time does fLy! It's crazy!

Here's her stats: Born Thurs Mar 12 at 11:16pm 7 lb 12.7 oz 20 in
Her Apgar scores were a 9. Perfect baby girl!

Since she arrived, I've been running to hospital & back. Graciella had the Ostrich Festival Tournament this wkend too! It's never a dull moment around here! Baby Gia & mommy came home from the hospital yesterday. Both happy to be home! I have lots of pix but I just picked one real quick to share:

Baby Gia

Here's a book I made for Carrie for her baby shower. I had the mom's there share some advice for a first-time-mom. I wish I had this book with my first one! =)

Advice for U as a New Mom

I made this for Carrie & the baby. It's mostly made up of Little Yellow Bicycle products. This book she can write & have a photo of Gia at every month till 12 mos.

Have lots of pix to share but I need to get my day started! Have a great one! xo

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Anne said...

Yay! Baby Gia is adorable! :-)